To help you as best we can, we offer a MEDICAL or NUTRITIONAL emergency service.

ATTENTION! only available for REAL emergencies.

Always consult your GP before using this service. If you still need our help, we’ll do our best to get back to you promptly and let you know how best to deal with your problem.  


  1. Choose one of the links below, depending on whether your emergency is medical or nutritional.
  2. Make the payment to secure your request. Once payment has been confirmed, you will be redirected to a form where you can fill in the details of your request (100€).
  3. Fill in the Emergency form, describing your emergency. Be as precise and clear as possible in your request.
  4. Download the questionnaire(s) on the form page.
  5. Validate the completed form to send your request.
  6. Complete the downloaded questionnaire(s) as accurately as possible, and return them to the e-mail address provided. Don’t hesitate to attach a recent blood test (max 6 months).
  7. You will receive a reply or be contacted by the person on duty within 24 hours of receiving your email containing the answers to the questionnaire(s).

You will receive a confirmation email once your form has been submitted.

If for any reason you do not receive a confirmation email, please fill in the “contact” form to alert us and we will do our best to reply as soon as possible.

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