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How to make an appointment

  1. Choose your balance sheet
  2. Choose your doctor or nutritherapist
  3. Choose a date (according to the availability displayed on the calendar)
  4. Fill in your details online
  5. Pay for your appointment online
    Payment is required to confirm your appointment. Without payment, you will not be able to confirm your appointment.
  6. You will receive confirmation by e-mail
    Once you have booked your appointment, and if you provide us with all the necessary information (questionnaires and any analyses) as soon as possible, we will arrange for your appointment to be brought forward.

Your email address is unique

If you use your email address to book an appointment for another person, for a child for example, we ask you to add “+first name” in your email address to enable us to create a separate patient account. This does not affect the use of your email address, but allows us to distinguish between patients. Use a different first name for each child or person you book an appointment for.


Once you have booked your appointment, and if you provide us promptly with all the necessary information (questionnaires and any analyses), we will arrange for your appointment to be brought forward if necessary.

The price of each balance sheet includes:

  • the cost of preparing the file, and more specifically the anamnesis (GENERAL Assessment),
  • secretarial expenses
  • the cost of a medical consultation or nutritherapy (depending on the choice of appointment)

Expenses not covered are:

  • the cost of blood tests
  • costs specific to requests for analyses (urine, saliva, etc.) or research (genetic testing)

We ensure that you receive a precise quote for the cost of additional analysis.

The fees relating to the file concern:

In the case of a GENERAL check-up (1st appointment), a file opening procedure must be carried out to enable the doctor to have all the elements necessary for your appointment to be useful and efficient.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Fill in the questionnaires sent to you by e-mail as accurately as possible, and return them as soon as you have completed them.
  1. A nutritherapist will contact you to check and, if necessary, complete the answers to the questionnaires. You’ll arrange a time that suits you best.
  2. You can complete the details of your file by sending us the results of a recent blood test (no more than 2 years old).
  3. If you need to submit a larger analysis file, you will be charged an additional fee (+ €100), as you will need several hours of additional preparation time for your file.
  4. Confirmation of your medical appointment (you may receive an earlier date than the one you originally booked, depending on the time slots available).

Please note that the normal time between making an appointment and finalizing a patient file (anamnesis) is a minimum of 4 weeks, except in cases considered urgent. The sooner you fill in the questionnaires, the sooner you can be seen by a doctor.

Expenses also include the following items:

  • Response to 1 question email following medical appointment; from the 2nd email onwards, €50 charge per response.
  • Useful documents to help you understand your analyses and medical situation;
  • Useful links and videos to watch before coming to your first medical check-up, to help you better understand the concepts that will be explained to you.
  • Secretarial costs, preparation of your medical history and follow-up to your medical appointment (prescriptions, information, etc.).
  • All other requests must be made by email and will incur a charge.
  • Requests for prescriptions outside consultations are subject to a fee (€30) and are valid for 3 months only.

Terms of payment

To book your assessment (GENERAL or other), payment is MANDATORY at the time of booking. You will not be able to book an appointment without this payment. Simply choose the method that suits you best (credit card, Bancontact or Paypal).

For the follow-up appointment, they will be :

  • arranged directly with the doctor or nutritherapist (payment may be made at the appointment)
  • booked online with immediate payment

(see below for appointment cancellation conditions)


Payment for a THIRD PARTY

In the case of payments made by a parent for his or her child or for a person in your care, please do not forget to specify for whom the payment is being made. Without this detail, we will not be able to determine for which patient the payment has been made.

Always provide the full LAST NAME and first name.


  • at least 48 hours in advance = 100% reimbursement
  • at least 24h in advance = 50% refund
  • no- show (not present at appointment) = no refund


No patient will be seen by the doctor without an appointment.

Please do not come to the office and make sure that your appointment has been confirmed by the secretary. 
Appointments can ONLY be booked on this website! Appointments cannot be booked via other media.

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