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The DRWETCHOKO.BE team is a multidisciplinary team built around Dr. Lucie Wetchoko who is here to help you. 

Several doctors are on hand to take care of appointments, according to their skills, including some on-call duty in the Emergency Department.

The nutritherapists accompany first-time patients and help them to prepare their files, so that their first medical appointment is efficient and useful. 

In addition to the team that receives and monitors patients, an extended team has been set up to provide on-call services and respond to urgent requests. 

So that your support is as complete as possible! 



I have always been pationnate about nutrition and certainly about its influence on our health. 

  • General practitioner since 1998 and nutrition enthusiast since 1997
  • Since early childhood, I have suffered from multiple allergies and atypical symptoms.
  • I discover my histamine intolerance and engage in my medical wanderings in 2017.
  • Thanks to my constant research, I now can help patients not only with their nutrition and health but with SAMA and histamine intolerance.

Dr Lucie Wetchoko (full presentation)

Spoken languages = French & English

To understand Dr Wetchoko’s passion for improving health, stress and body shape, here’s an online conference from 2021.


General practitionner, specialized in histamine, nutrition, SAMA & functional medicine


Dr Sabine Vranken

Doctor of Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics, General Medicine and Gynecology (for over 30 years)

Constant use of hormonal therapies, particularly for menopause, diabetes and thyroid problems. Interest in nutritional and micro-nutritional approaches as a complement to hormone therapy.

Training & Practice in tropical medicine, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, homeopathy, pre- and postnatal haptonomy, pediatric haptonomy, haptoobstetrics, haptopsychotherapy

Master in Public Health

Micro-nutrition seminars (Castronovo, Coudron)

Consultation (in presence or virtual) at Dr Lucie Wetchoko’s office  on Thursdays

Spoken languages : French/English/Dutch


General practitioner, specialized in hormone management

Dr Sylvie SUDI

Dr Sylvie Sudi

General practitioner, nutritherapist & clinical nutritionist, geriatric rehabilitation specialist

Consultations available:

  • at  Dr Lucie Wetchoko’s office on Tuesdays (in presence or virtually) &
  • general practitioner patients at her practice.

Spoken languages: French & English


General practitioner, specialized in nutrition

Dr Grâce Nzeza

Dr Grâce Nzeza

General practitioner & emergency doctor

With 10 years’ experience, in his various roles as general practitioner, family & emergency physician, Grâce brings real expertise.


  • virtually on Monday afternoons &
  • as general practitioner at her practice.

Dr Grâce NZEZA (présentation complète)

Spoken language = French


General practitioner, specialized in nutrition and emergency

Dr Thibault SUTTER

Dr Thibault SUTTER

A trained therapist and passionate about clinical research, I continued my university studies with a research master’s degree in physiology then with a doctoral thesis in physiology/pathophysiology at the IPROS laboratory (institute for prevention and research on osteoporosis, team of I3MTO research led by Dr. E. lespessailles, at the Orléans Hospital.

My professional journey has led me to explore the fascinating fields of hormonal biology and nutrigenetics, disciplines which have captivated my interest and which have shaped my vision of health care.

Rigorously trained by Dr. Ubaldi and Dr. Wetchoko, I have acquired expertise in hormonal biology and nutrigenetics, delving into the complex mechanisms governing the functioning of genes and hormones in the human body. This immersion allowed me to deepen my understanding of the subtle interactions that influence overall health, thus opening new perspectives in the field of nutrition.

I welcome you: 

  • in virtual consultation (DRWETCHOKO.BE)
  • in physical and virtual consultation in Annecy (France)

Ostéopathe Annecy | Bilan nutritionnel Annecy | Anti-aging Annecy (thibault-sutter.com)

Thibault SUTTER – Physiologist – Private clinic | LinkedIn

Medical Journal Publication(s):  PubMed in NIH, National Library of Medicine at the National Center for Biotechnology Information


PhD physiology
MSc physiology/biology
Physiology & nutrigenetics

* validation of the medical file & possible prescription by Dr Lucie Wetchoko

Fatima RMILI

Fatima RMILI

I work closely with physicians and other health professionals to offer a holistic approach to health and well-being.

By providing nutritional advice tailored to each individual, I help manage the symptoms of these chronic diseases and improve your overall quality of life.

I’m convinced that nutrition plays a crucial role in people’s health, and I’m determined to share my expertise with as many people as possible.

I’m here to help you achieve your health goals, and I’m excited to accompany you on this journey.

Fatima RMILI (complete presentation FR only)


Spoken languages = French


Nutritherapist & Nutrition Coach

Laurence BIOUL

Laurence BIOUL

Nutritherapist specializing in diabetology

Passionate about nutrition, and with a strong background as a pediatric nurse and midwife, I help children and parents who are seeking to understand their medical difficulties by providing them with nutritional and psychological support to finally acquire the balance they need to live in full health.

Mother of 3 children, including 1 with SAMA (mast cell activation syndrome)

Burn-Out experience, support for a new adapted nutrition and the right rebalancing to regain your energy!

Laurence BIOUL (présentation complète)

Spoken languages = French/English/Spanish/Italien


Nutritherapist, emergency & neonatal nurse



Cécile is a naturopath and an artist.

She has been working as an actress, singer and theater teacher, internationally, for over 20 years.

She’s used to dealing with difficult situations and specializes in coaching that combines diet, exercise, stress management & well-being.

Cécile continues to improve her knowledge, with DFM Formation (Démarches Fonctionnelles et Micronutrition) and specialists who provide courses and in-depth training to improve her knowledge.

Cécile has also been a patient of Dr Wetchoko’s for over 10 years and has been following her online conferences since 2020.

Profil complet de Cécile : Célice Berthe – CV (EN)


Spoken languages = French/ English/Italien.




As a nurse for 21 years, I’m used to sorting out different medical pathologies.

Having suffered from a collagen disease (SED) accompanied by a fairly severe SAMA since birth, over 5 years ago I began researching and training in these highly specific pathologies.

Still poorly recognized, they often lead to long years of medical wandering for sufferers.

Trained in tropical medicine with the Masai in Tanzania, with university training in complex wound care, a passion for geriatrics and training in palliative care, I’ve always been a jack of all trades. 

But my pathology, my chaotic medical career over 35 years and, above all, my incredible rebirth after comprehensive care thanks to Dr Wetchoko, led me to train in nutri therapy.

For the past two years, I’ve been working with patients suffering from SED or SAMA, as well as high-level athletes and young women with fertility problems. I guide them through a holistic approach that integrates nutrition, micro-nutrition, medical and nursing care and stress management techniques.


Language(s) spoken: French, Dutch, English

Emergency Medical Guard only


Natacha LIUTI

Natacha LIUTI

I’m passionate about human contact.

Whether as a flight attendant or in the various medical environments where I work, I take the time to put my skills and my listening skills at people’s disposal.

Support, attention and time, all the things I also like to share through my professional investment.

Natacha LIUTI  (full presentation – FR)

Spoken languages = French/Dutch/English

Personal Assistant

Jacques-Axel NTOWA

Jacques-Axel NTOWA

My personal background and the various medical problems linked to histamine are certainly reasons that make me want to know more about health. 

Jacques-Axel NTOWA (complete presentation)

Spoken languages = French & English


Stress – Health – Figure


Chaussée de Malines, 36
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