MEDICAL Emergency - Step 2

  Step 1:   

Paiement 100€. Si le paiement n’a pas été validé, aucun rendez-vous ne sera confirmé par le cabinet.

  Step 2:  

Download the questionnaire hereunder.

Questionnaire Medical Emergency

already a patient: Q09 – suivi hormonal

not yet a patient: UM09 – Primary evaluation


  Step 3:  

Fill in the form (on the right) and describe your urgent request and your symptoms. Once all the information has been entered, click on the SEND button to validate your request.

  Step 4:  

Please complete the questionnaire(s) you have downloaded in as many details as possible and return it/them as soon as possible to:

  Step 5:  

Within 48 hours of receiving your answers to the questionnaire(s), the Emergency responsible will contact you to provide any useful information & help you set up any next steps needed.

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