Supporting you through change

The process you have chosen to set in motion by coming to see Dr Wetchoko and his colleagues is a progression towards better health, towards an awareness of what affects our well-being and what we can do to make our lives even better.

At your appointment, you’ll be given a lot of information, details that aren’t always easy to understand or even put into practice.

To support you in this process, you can of course book a follow-up appointment with a nutritherapist who will be able to accompany you in your nutritional process.

  • Fatima Rmili
  • Laurence Bioul

The nutritherapists in our practice

Our nutritherapists have been working closely with Dr Wetchoko since 2021, and are here to help you. 

Don’t hesitate to contact them directly so that they can explain their services to you & set up with you the follow-up that’s best for you.

Fatima Rmili

Nutritherapist & 
Nutrition Coach

Web :
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Laurence Bioul

emergency &
neonatal nurse

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Coaches to support you

But we also work in association with coaches who can help you with this implementation, on an ad hoc basis or over a longer period, depending on your needs.

Valérie MARAUD

Certified trainer – Transformationnal Breath ® “Change your relationship with food & cherish yourself” Valérie has created a concept called Heartb’EAT . It combines conscious breathing and mindfulness with food, or mindful eating. Valérie can guide you through the process of change and help you finally find the balance you’re looking for. For more information & to get in touch with Valerie, visit her website  ( An evening of discussion with Dr Wetchoko to better understand how to transform yourself through breathing.


Personal development coach For many years, Noria has been involved in supporting children, teenagers and adults. Her personal and professional experiences have led her to offer coaching to people with chronic illnesses. In particular, she has developed skills to support patients suffering from SAMA. (Mast Cell Activation Syndrome). Noria implements personalized follow-up to help patients manage their day-to-day difficulties and move forward one step at a time. She’s here to help you make the necessary changes to your care process, moving at your own pace towards better health. Follow her in her Elan d’Optimisme and find yours quickly! For more information & to get in touch with Noria, visit her   website  ( To find out more about Noria’s background & her work as a change coach Exchange with Dr. Lucie Wetchoko: coaching a patient to implement changes following diagnosis (available on Dr. Wechoko’s YouTube channel)

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