I thank you for your trust. Unfortunately, appointments are only available with several months’ delay. 

In case of a First Appointment or a Global Assessment, and if it is the 1st time to consult Dr. Wetchoko, the payment of 50€ deposit is mandatory (within the next 2 weeks of your reservation). Should this payment not be done in due time, the appointment will be automatically canceled. 

Appointment at the office or by video conference (with Skype = luciole748)

A Consultation without hormonal prescription  100 € 60 min
If you have a large file, you should plan
– the medical history since birth and
– blood tests of + – 2 years.
(To send me by email or post before our appointment)This analysis of your file will take 1 hour prior to your appointment.
B 1st appointment with a medical history file 
Appointment 1 = First contact & analysis of the patient’s situation 100€ 60 min
Appointment 2 = 1 month after appointment 1 for follow-up (with the results of the 24-hour blood test and urine)

 If necessary, a member of Dr. Wetchoko’s team will contact you to prepare your appointment and ask you to fill out one or more questionnaires.
The preparation of the history and your file will take up to 2 hours (before your appointment).

100€ 60 min
C 1st appointment with assessment carried out before by other colleagues
1h for file analysis (without the patient)
1h of consultation with the patient through video conference

Exceptionally, I will respond to a request sent by email following a consultation if the response is simple and short. All other requests can only be made by a 30-minute video conference appointment (€ 50)

Prescription requests that are made outside the consultations are chargeable (30 €) and valid for 3 months.